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Hello! I’m Kim Marinoff, franchise consultant. I’m here to help you navigate the complex, sometimes overwhelming world of franchising. My business is A2B Franchise Consulting. For my entire life, I’ve had an entrepreneurial drive. Early in my career, I had the opportunity to become a franchise business owner, and now I have been in the industry for 20 years and have owned 10 franchises.

My long-term experience in the franchise world, and my roles as both a franchise owner and a corporate franchise employee, gives me a unique perspective. I have experience as a trainer, a manager, a salesperson, in development, and at the state executive management level.

As a franchise consultant, I act as matchmaker between you and a franchise that is a fit for you and your goals. Along the way, I also find myself in roles of coach, advisor, and counselor. The franchise company you choose to work with pays me a referral fee (that fee is paid whether you go direct to the franchise company or work with me), so there is no up-front cost or obligation for my services, and no additional fee for working with me.

The top three things I help clients with include matchmaking – choosing the right franchise opportunity for you; validation – confirming that a short list or an individual opportunity do match well with them based on goals, lifestyle, finances, etc.; and financing – helping create a plan and find the right tools to finance an investment in a franchise, and then secure that financing.

My specialty is finding a franchise that meets your career and investment objectives. I do this through a process that helps me truly understand your strengths, interests, and goals. I screen and evaluate a wide variety of opportunities, make recommendations, and support you through the entire process.

My focus on execution and leadership has enabled me to help many clients find the right fit for them, in franchises from small to large, a single site, or many. Some find the best fit with an established brand, while others are better off with a newer organization. In some cases, an active role is best. Others are seeking passive opportunities.

As a franchise consultant, I am there for you throughout the whole process to coach and advise you as much or as little as needed. I help you prepare for your meetings with the franchise company, other existing franchise owners, and help you develop the right questions so that you can understand all the components of the franchise business.

I know there is always a certain amount of fear people feel when there are changes in life, decisions to be made, and there’s a perception that everything is “on the line”. My ultimate goal is to ensure that you are comfortable and excited about moving forward based on your deep learning, with my help, and the ability to make a wise, fully informed decision.


Kim Marinoff


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