A2B Franchise Consulting Services from Kim Marinoff

Thank you for your interest in learning more about my franchise consulting services through A2B Franchise Consulting and Kim Marinoff. A2B Franchise Consulting offers comprehensive services designed to match you with the best franchise based on your goals and interests.

With hundreds, even thousands of franchise concepts available, narrowing your search and finding the best opportunities can be intimidating and overwhelming. I’m here to help.

As a franchise matchmaker, the top three things I help clients with include:

  • Matchmaking
  • Tools for Validation
  • Financing


Initially, we need to determine if franchising is indeed the right thing for you. If so, we then begin the process of identifying your goals, lifestyle, and skill set.

I then use all that information and customize my research to your criteria and present you with a short list of your best franchise options. If one sparks your interest, I arrange an appointment between you, myself, and the franchise company.

There are so may decisions to make. Are you looking for an active franchise opportunity, or a passive franchise opportunity? What are your overall goals? How much do you want to invest? Your options can start at $2,000 and can go into the millions.

As your franchise consultant, I am here for you throughout your entire journey. We work together throughout the whole process as I coach and advise you in whatever way works best for you. I help you prepare for meetings with the franchise company and franchises owners. Together, we make sure to ask the right questions and ensure that you understand all the components of any specific franchise business.

My goal is always to be sure that you are comfortable and excited about any decisions or choices you make, and are enthusiastic and logical about moving forward, while fully informed, with your decision.


Tools for Validation

Once we have worked together to lay the foundation of our search, evaluation, and decision-making process, we can narrow your list of possible franchise matches, and start to closely examine those.

My experience, process, and Franchising Resources help us evaluate your options, eliminate those that are not a good fit, and validate those that may be.

Validation is a critical stage of the franchise evaluation process. It is an opportunity to identify many important factors before making a decision. Things like…how much money can I make, how quickly can I make it, are the existing franchisees happy and would they make the same decision again? How is corporate culture, communication, and support? How effective are their marketing programs and how much do they cost? The list of questions to ask both the franchisors and franchisees, as well as videos and the proforma are designed to peel back all the layers, so there should be no question about what to expect from any given franchise.



An important piece of the process is assessing what your resources are and what’s the best way we can find to finance your investment. How is your credit? What have you saved? Do you need a loan? What options are available for you to access funding?

Based on that, we work together to discover what you have, what you need in total, how that breaks down in terms of a location, equipment, marketing, wages, and more. We then figure out how to use the resources available to you to move forward with your investment.


The Value of My Services

There is never an additional cost for my consulting services. The franchise company pays me a referral fee. If you go directly to the franchise company you would pay exactly the same franchise fee as if I referred you. Would you rather have an expert franchise consultant guide you through this maze, or deal directly with a franchise company? If you decide that a franchise is not for you, we part as friends.

My services are at no cost to you, nor do they bind or obligate you in any way. I have been in franchising for 20 years. I have owned 10 franchise businesses, and worked with an international franchise corporation in training, operations, sales and development. My experience allows me to understand franchising from all angles so I can provide you comprehensive, expert advice and successfully coach you through what might otherwise be a time consuming, overwhelming process.

I am committed and passionate about connecting you with a franchise in which you can succeed.

Contact me today to learn more and discuss how I can help you.


Kim Marinoff


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